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More than 140 train tickets bear witness to love - among them, train journeys that brought Pang Xiaomeng and her boyfriend closer together when they lived far apart. [Photo provided to]

A student named Pang Xiaomeng from Dalian University of Technology posted a photo of more than 140 train tickets on Sina Weibo as witness to the love she"s shared for her boyfriend, Yang Fenglei, in the past three years.

One third of the tickets are between Dalian, in Liaoning province and Changchun, in Jilin province – both in Northeast China.

Pang Xiaoming and her boyfriend, Yang Fenglei, pose for a photo. [Photo provided to]

"The distance between the two cities is 677.9 kilometers. With great efforts, we made the geographical distance between us reduced to zero," she posted.

One and half years ago, her boyfriend graduated from Dalian University of Technology and went to work in Changchun. Now, she"s got an ideal job in the same city, just before graduation.

"A long-distance relationship makes us think more about each other. We"re growing together and becoming better," Pang said.

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